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Tanari : Stimulating Vibrant Communities

Life is a journey that one must never walk alone. The mission of Tanari is to facilitate effective socialization of youth into responsible godly adults through programs intended to enhance community context. 

Tanari works through programs that stimulate encounters with God, others, the environment and oneself. The vision of Tanari is to build vibrant communities that provide effective socialization of youth into responsible adults



Tanari's Camp Malta ®
Can't find a getaway spot for your group? The staff at Camp Malta has the versatility to design a memorable experience for your church group, family, or corporation. Find rock climbing, team-building activities, expeditions, and more at Camp Malta. Find out more...

Team Building

Corporate Social Responsibility while building your team!
Looking to provide your organization with programming that’s full of healthy competition and fun? Tanari Trust’s team building programs will give you the highest quality team experience, as your payments build community through our charitable programs! Our programs are designed to help explore your group dynamics through a creative blend of discovering learning and adventure. Find out more...


Building community away from community
Can't find a getaway spot for your group? The staff at Tanari have the versatility to design a memorable experience for your church group, family, or corporation. Explore East Africa’s snow capped volcanoes or go for other backcountry expeditions. Find rock climbing, team-building activities, and more at Tanari Trust’s Camp Malta, or first class facilitation at a network of other camps and facilities recommended by Tanari and CCEA. Find out how your leaders can be trained to become camp and expedition leaders at Tanari Trust.…


Creating Positive Relationships - Sexuality Program
Who is teaching our youth about their sexuality? The media? Their friends? You? CPR steps into the void to equip our youth with the knowledge and confidence to live out the smart and healthy lifestyle. Learn more about our abstinence-based program and how you can become a certified teacher. Find out more...


Rites Of Passage ExperienceS: a comtemporary rites of passage...
How does a teenager navigate her way through life? When is it time to leave adolescence and become a young adult, and what does that mean? The ROPES ® program was designed specifically to help young people transition to the next stage of life. Find out more…


Tanari works through strong geographical partnerships, currently existing through Tanari International based in Wheaton, IL, USA, and Tanari Trust in Nairobi Kenya.

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“The silent churning at the core of our being is the tormenting need to know and to be known, to understand and to be understood, to possess and to be possessed, to belong unconditionally and forever without fear of loss, betrayal, or rejection.” 
Gilbert Bilezikian

“I am because we are”
John Mbiti