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Tanari’s Temporary Communities programs stimulate desired individual and group goals through adventure, retreat, expedition, service and worship camp experiences.
Camping is greatly underutilized as a learning and community building tool in Africa. We at Tanari are committed to learning, developing and teaching all that that we can for the development of a rich and diverse fraternity of campers in our context.
Temporary communities take place when people come together for a defined period of time (often several days), for the accomplishment of unique and specific purposes. Due to the temporary nature of the experience, participants are positively disposed to take risks that they would not normally take. Lessons learnt can then be incorporated back into permanent community.

Tanari ‘s temporary community programs take different forms.

  • Non Residential & Residential camps. Tanari runs several camps
    • Camp Malta ®, a fully functional facility situated near sagana, 70km North of Nairobi, that provides a variety of programs and opportunities.
    • Tanari is also able to facilitate residential camps at facilities belonging to other organizations. We have facilitated camps at Malewa camp, Hells Gate National Park, Q-Kenda Farm, Freedom Base and many others.

Tanari also plays a leading role at African Christian Camping (ACC); a learning and sharing network of camps and organizations from East and Central Africa, which is part of worldwide Christian Camping International (CCI).

  • Expeditions. Tanari leads, facilitates and trains leaders to facilitate expeditions in the East African region. Tanari runs regular expeditions up Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro for different groups pursuing a variety of goals.